Noval Coronavirus Live Map: This is Online Map Whare you can see how Coronavirus has spread in all over the world. You can get each contry date. InCoronavirus map including confirmed case, death case and recovered cased information of all country's in the world.


We know Coronavirus is global issue at the time no any country was safe from this COVID-19 virus. In few days lots of cases noted from all over the world.

Coronavirus Map Latest Data
According To Map report total 142,338  Coronavirus confirmed cases in all over the world. Total 5366 People deaths due to this Virus and 67,003 people was recovered. It such a big issue all world 
India Coronavirus Case's

Total 82 Confirm case noted in India till 13 march 2020. 4 Pesents was recovered and 2 people's death. You can check live and updated data inCoronavirus Map provided in this article.

To See Latest Coronavirus News and states than open this Coronavirus Live Map from the link given here.

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