Gazette Notification About Mask and sanitizer price
The administration on Friday announced face veils and hand sanitizers as basic wares for the following 100 days as it increased determination to help supply and forestall accumulating of these things in its battle to check spread of coronavirus ailment. 
The Center has likewise conjured Disaster Management Act to guarantee value guideline and accessibility of careful and defensive covers, hand sanitizer and gloves. 

The two veils (2ply and 3 handle careful covers, N95 covers) and hand sanitisers have been brought under Essential Commodities Act, 1955, enabling States to control creation, appropriation and costs of these things and furthermore crackdown on storing and blackmarketing. 

"Government has advised a request under the Essential Commodities Act to announce these things as fundamental products up to June 30, 2020, by changing the timetable of the Essential Commodities Act 1955," the Consumer Affairs Ministry said in an announcement. 

The choice would enable the legislature and States/UTs to control creation, quality and dispersion of covers and hand sanitizers for smooth deal and accessibility of these things. It additionally engages to do tasks against theorists and those associated with over estimating and dark promoting. 

"It will upgrade the accessibility of both the things to the general individuals at sensible costs or underP (greatest retail value)," the service said. 

The legislature called attention to that covers and hand sanitizers are either not accessible in the market or are accessible with extraordinary trouble at excessive costs, taking into account the continuous episode of COVID-19.

(1) This order may be called the fixation of prices of masks (2ply & 3ply), Melt Blown non-Woven Fabric and hand sanitizers Order, 2020.
(2) It shall come into force from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
2. (1) The retail prices of Melt Blown non-Woven Fabric used in manufacturing masks
(2ply & 3ply), shall not be more than the prices prevailing on the day one month prior to 13.03.2020 i.e. the prices prevailing on 12.02.2020.
(2) The retail prices of masks (3ply surgical mask), shall not be more than the prices
prevailing on the day one month prior to 13.03.2020 i.e. as on 12.02.2020 or not more than Rs.10 per piece whichever is lower and that of mask (2ply) shall not be more than Rs.8 per piece.
(3) The retail prices of hand sanitizer shall not be more than Rs.100/- per bottle of 200ml the prices of other quantities of hand sanitizers shall be fixed in the proportion of these prices.
3. This Notification shall remain in force for a period upto 30th June, 2020 from the date of its
publication in the Official Gazette.

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