Back Bencher Gujarati

Synopsis: 13-year-old Gopal (Krish Chauhan) keeps failing in various subjects at school. While his father Jagdish (Dharmendra Gohil) allows him to grasp things at his own pace, his mother Kavita (Ami Trivedi) constantly compares his academics with that of others, pressurizing him indirectly. Finally, the teenager elopes. Will this step help him learn more as he stays away from his school and family? You will have to watch the movie to know that.

Review: After a long gap (Bas Ek Chance), Kirtan Patel has put up an amazing film yet again! His directorial skills are impressive. Along with the amazing cast as well as cinematographer, Patel has excelled in making a film that depicts the problems in our education system. Till the first half, this flick gives you a hangover of Taare Zameen Par. The second half has a different twist but this movie brings the limelight on how children deal with the cut-throat competition in today’s world, where marks and grades are the only parameters taken into consideration.

The music is impressive even as the songs have been composed in simple and hummable tunes. Lyrics are done beautifully and the song ‘Ek Taara Bole’ will transport you back to the yesteryears of wonderful folk songs. Watch it for Krish’s performance and to relive school memories.

Performance-wise, it is a power packed movie! Dharmendra Gohil delivers yet another phenomenal performance as a motivating fun dad who loves his son unconditionally without expecting academic excellence from him. Ami Trivedi’s D-town debut is fabulous too as a mother who is worried about her kid’s future. Krish Chauhan stands out with his essaying of the character of Gopal and steals the show. He is natural and adorably apt for his role. One can look forward to Krish’s acting and talent.
The casting of teachers and other students is done well. Gopal’s school gang will remind you of yours as they steal your heart with their fun acts. The cameos by Rajeev Mehta, Prem Gadhavi, Bhakti Kubavat and Parth Oza enhance the story and are remarkable. You will fall in love with the character of Bholo essayed by Om Bhatt.

A few dialogues from the 13-year-old are too heavy for his age and doesn’t go down well. Gopal’s crush Mansi, who is a class topper, stands out with her excessive eye makeup, which is probably different from reality. Although the movie is crisply timed with 125 minutes, one can find it crawling in the second half. A few scenes feel dragged. Overall, a good family watch.

“Couple of years ago there is a time when Gujarati films rule the Gujarati film industry with directors coming out with new subjects. However in the last one year the films didn’t do well as the scripts are almost same like the stories of brothers and friends. We came up with a different story in the film which relates to the audience as it is based on education and gives a message how to treat your children and the best way to educate them,” said Kirtan Patel Director of the film.

Veteran theatre actors Dharmendra Gohil, Ami Trivedi plays the lead role in the film along with child actor Krish Chauhan. The makers of the film chose various locations to shoot and also designed a modular set for the film.

“The story of the film is different and will plan to release it post Diwali. We designed a movable set inside a house which is first of its kind in the Gujarati film industry. Apart from that we will shoot the film in different locations like Nareshwar, Shivrajpur, Pavagadh and Kandari in and around Vadodara. The shooting of 40% of the film will be in Vadodara and we are using VFX, movable set and latest Hollywood like technology in the film with an estimated budget of 1.72 crores,” said Patel.

Actors Dharmendra Gohil and Ami Trivedi are excited to sign the film which gives a social message specially to the parents to educate their kids. This is the third film signed by Dharmendra Gohil who is impressed by the storyline of the film. “This is my third Gujarati film and the earlier two are having different subjects. This one is a family entertainment where the film gives a message to the parents to understand their children and don’t pressurize them for studies. Similarly the film also has the message for the children also,” said Gohil.

Back Bencher Gujarati
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After the success of ‘Bas Ek Chance’ the makers are once again coming with new Gujarati film ‘Back Bencher’ which they claimed to be different from the rest. The makers done the Khat Muhurat on Wednesday along with the main star cast in a make shift set which they claimed to be the first of its kind set in Gujarat.The film is education based story revolving around a student which gives a social message to the parents.