China's Wuhan started to Hosting the city, thousands of people are taking their Attorney neighborhood. The number of deaths is increasing by being infected with this virus. The worldwide scientists around the world are day-night to find Waxin (Vaccine) to end the virus. Meanwhile, Indian scientists have got great success. Scientists have identified Strain in the infected patients in India. Not so much, the scientists of the National Institute of Virology Pune have gained success in it separately insurance loans.

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Apart from this, the strain can also credit score outside the human body due to its isolation. Coronavirus becomes the fifth country to isolate strains. India has previously been successful in isolating China, Japan, Thailand and the US virus.
According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), corona virus does not easily come into isolation. Now it will be easier to make and test drug for this virus. ICMR says a virus is needed for drug testing. ICMR Director-General Balram Bhargava said that people's cooperation is needed at this time. If all goes under control, we will get over the Corona virus within 30 days.


ICMR Pune scientist Priya Abraham has said that India has crossed the first stage of protection against this global epidemic by isolating the corona virus. The virus must be identified to prevent any pandemic.