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Rajya ni Tamam Prathmik Ane Madhyamik Shalao ma "Paryavaran Prayogshala" Sharu Karva Babat

● Prayog Shala Sharu Karva Babat Paripatra
Date- 9/11/2019

Subject: To set up an Environment Laboratory to make environment education work effective through activity based education in all primary and secondary schools of the state.

The celebration of the 8th birth anniversary of President Mahatma Gandhi coincided with the conclusion of October 2nd. In the second phase of the Swachh Bharat Mission launched by the Prime Minister, the campaign is to create a "single use plastic free society". At such a time, it is necessary to implement a novel project at the school level to promote the environmentalist ideas of Pujyabapu and to create environmental awareness through the education of the students studying in the schools. Like the Computer Laboratory and STEM Lab available for computer education in the state, likewise, it has been decided by the Education Department, Government of Gujarat to start an "Environment Laboratory" for environmental education in all primary and secondary schools of the state.
General Chat Chat Lounge Eco Club has been set up in all the schools of the state to accelerate the activities of the environment with the aim of enabling students to understand and promote the environment more effectively through the Environment Laboratory. An eco-club will be launched in all schools in the state to make the Eco Club more effective, accelerate its activities and encourage environmental education. In the first phase, an environmental laboratory will be started in the selected 25 to 30 schools per taluka ie 6123 schools in the state as per the list included with this year.
In view of the above, in the first phase of your district, along with the list of schools referred to in the relevant resolution (copy is included), it is instructed to give you the necessary instructions for starting the "Environment Laboratory" this year. Under the grant of the Department of Education for the financial support for the Environment Laboratory "the entire teacher Considering the provision of funds available for 'Eco Club', here was done for "Youth and Eco Club". According to the decision made on the e-cell's file no, SSA / QECL / 2019-20, "Environment Laboratory".
Out of the 6123 schools selected for the first phase, excluding private non-grant schools, Rs. 5000 / - per school for standard 1 - 2, Rs. 15000 / - per school for Class 6-8 and Std. 1-8, and Standard - 12, Std. -10, dhau, 1 - 3 so For the school of Std. 8-9, the school will have to allocate Rs. 1, 2 / - per school through the SSA office on priority basis through the District SSA office to the concerned SMC / SMCD. General Chat Chat Lounge The grants allotted to the Environment Laboratory must be exercised in accordance with the rules and accounted for according to the rules. 

In order to meet the financial expenditure for the "Environment Laboratory" at the district level and at the taluka level, the provision of funds available in other schemes and coordination with the concerned department officials shall be implemented as prescribed by the committee headed by the District Development Officer at the district level. In addition, at the first stage of your district, selected schools in your district are instructed to implement all necessary measures in order to ensure effective implementation and to implement them effectively.