Amrutam yojana mate Hospitani List in Gujarat state pdf download.
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Under Vatsalya Yojana, without discrimination of any caste, 60 percent above annual income of Rs. 6 lakhs and every citizen certifying certificate will be provided free of cost, subject to the rules and regulations of the 5 lakhs. The government's resolution is included. The execution date has begun on 1st April.

A list of the "main" hospitals to get help under the Chief Minister Amrutam "Ma" and Maa "Vatsalya" scheme.
1. Name of the project / type
Chief Minister, Amritam Yojana - Maa Yojana
2. Eligibility Criteria for the scheme's eligibility criteria
This scheme has been implemented in the rural and urban areas (municipal area, municipal area area and notified area) in all the districts of the state under the Rural Development Department and the poverty line registered under the Urban Development Department (till maximum person).
At present, under the 'Vatsalya Yojna' All women belonging to lower middle class families having income of less than 1.20 lakh and those below 21 years of age will benefit from their 'children'.
3. Under-plan assistance / benefit
Under this scheme, heart treatment of brain and kidneys is given to cashless treatment for a maximum of Rs.2,00,000 / - (Rupees Two lakhs) annually for serious illnesses such as serious injuries like severe injuries and diseases of newborn infants.

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4. Scheme for the benefit of the project
Heart treatment under the scheme Brain cancer diagnosed with brain and kidneys Detox treatment packages for critical illnesses such as serious injuries and diseases of newborn infants. Accordingly, the beneficiary is entitled to the benefit of the treatment in a hospital being contracted under the scheme.
5. Where to get the benefit of the project.
Under this scheme, the government / grant-in-aid organizations / private hospitals, which are conveniently sanctioned as per the checklist, have been made. Beneficiaries of treatment are given to the beneficiary in this contracted hospital.
Amrutam yojana mate Hospitani List in Gujarat state pdf download

Amrutam yojana mate Hospitani List in Gujarat state pdf download