Unit test answer key std 3 to 8 paper solution 7/12/2019 primary school
GCERT - Gandhinagar, all the primary schools in the state of Gujarat are examined every week in the unit test (periodic test). This could be the number of reasons and reasons behind taking the unit test. Which will be useful to children. Here's a solution of this unit test papers, which will be very useful for every teacher and students. Which you can download from the link below.

Gujarat State Education Department Gandhinagar conducts PAT & Unit test & Mass assessment test in every primary school in Gujarat state using teaching results by Gujarat State Education Department in every elementary school every Saturday of the week in standard 3 to 8 Ekam Kasoti Test (Unit Test) in "Mathematics, Science, Gujarati, English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Social Science" All subjects provided by Gujarat Education Department study based on student achievement test conducted in accordance with Patrak unit is made by the Department of Primary Education.

Unit Test (Ekam Kasoti) Test Schedule Std 3 to 8 SEM 2
The schedule of the unit test based on the study results taken in the second semester std 3 to 5 & std 6 to 8 Ekam Kasoti by the Gujarat State Education Department Gandhinagar, is given below by the Gujarat Primary Education Department.

Unit Test (Ekam Kasoti) Test Schedule Std 3 to 8 SEM 2: Click Here
Unit Test (Ekam Kasoti) Paper Solution Std 6 to 8 SEM 2 Date:07/12/2019
Unit Test (Ekam Kasoti) Paper Solution Second Semester Std 6 to 8 of the unit test taken on Saturday of each week on the basis of the teaching objective of each subject in Mathematics, Science, Gujarati, Hindi, Sanskrit, English and Social Sciences in the standard 6 to 8 in place of the Chairman of the State Education Secretary Shri and the Director of Education. 

Std 6 social science
Std 7 Hindi and Sanskrit
Std 8 Science
Std 6 ss answer key here
Std 6 ss 1   std 6 ss 2

Std 7 Hindi answer key here
Std 7  hindi 1 

Std 7 sanskrit answers key here
Std 7 sans 1

Std i science answer key here
Std 8 Image 1    std  8 image 2