By-elections December 2019 Implementation of The Model Code of Conduct
Occasional vacancy of District / Taluka Panchayats by-elections December 2019 Implementation of the Model Code of Conduct for holding elections in a free and fair environment, as well as the transfer of officers / employees and ban on leave.

1.  According to the accompanying roll, the by-elections of the occasionally vacant seats of the District / Taluka Panchayats of the State.

State Election Commission to hold on 02/12/2019
Announcement is made on 09/12/2019 so the ideal code of conduct for candidates and political parties in this election.
Election Date 29/12/2019
Election Date of counting 31/12/2019
They are communicated to the offices to ensure that the code of conduct is implemented effectively in the constituencies of these institutions.
The State Election Commission has ordered the following in relation to the Code of Conduct.
Fore more details check the gujarati PDF