We have now stopped generating an appointment for a learning license in RTO. 
Rto slots have been removed in the foreground to accommodate immediate changes.  Now in the process of online appointment for a learning license, the candidate who has to select his nearest Aitei.

Citizens do not have to be shocked by the central government's strict adherence to the Motor Vehicle Act, and the exercise has been going on for some time to ensure that much of their work is done online.  Now Etienne has also been entrusted with the responsibility for the Learning License.  There were 300 people rushing daily in Aartio and hours would have to be if the server was slow.  Now there is a limited slot in limiting time in Aitai.  Close to the village, the Atlee saves time.  There are now candidates with old appointments in Aartio who have been slotted by the state government for the last four days.

Aartiyo has to go for a Paku license and test track.  With this, if the test track is repeatedly unsuccessful and expires 6 months then you will have to go back to Aiti to get a learning license.
The driver has to complete the endorsement process

For a week, the Learning License was operationalized in the RTO.  Which is now closed today.  For this, ITI is compensated at Rs 5 per learning license.  Of which ITI will have to pay the instructor's salary.  According to the new rule, any driver who subsequently wants to get a learning driving license by RTO will have to pay the mandatory fixed license fee as well.  For this the driver has to complete the endorsement process.
Now the mandatory Rs.1050 will also have to be paid

We have now stopped generating an appointment for a learning license inRTO. 
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Until now only Rs.150 had to be paid for the Learning License, along with the mandatory Rs.  Due to this rule, any vehicle owner or driver will have to give Rs.1050 a month in advance to get a license.  If any person has a two-wheeler license and has to get a Rickshaw or Four Wheeler's license, then the driver or the vehicle owner will have to add and test the license.