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The Central Government has drafted a Wage Code Act. Recommended for the provision of 9 hours work instead of 8 hours for government employees. At present, wages are determined after 26 days under the 8 hour rule.Of course the picture on minimum wage is not clear. In this draft, the Center has largely retained the old suggestions. To determine the remuneration, the entire country is divided into 3 geographical categories.
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           The Labor Ministry has sought the suggestion within a month from all concerned parties. The draft issued by the Center states that in the future a committee of experts will be formed, which will recommend the government on the issue of determining the minimum wage.
The labor ministry had recommended a minimum wage of Rs 375 per day in January. The panel asked him to implement it from July, 2018. The minimum monthly salary was recommended to be Rs 9,750.

Imagine if you were frequently subjected to threats and harassment both on the job and after hours because of your line of work. You perhaps were followed home by groups of people who stood outside intimidatingly, or verbally assaulted at the grocery store, or had shots fired over your head at work, all while being a perfectly law-abiding citizen.

Federal government employees working in Nevada and elsewhere in the West don’t have to imagine any of this. According to a recent report from the Government Accountability Office, they’ve experienced it in recent years.

The GAO uncovered 360 reports of threats and harassment directed at members of four federal agencies — the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service and the Fish and Wildlife Service — from 2013 to 2017.

And without a doubt, that number is low. It doesn’t include reports to state and local law enforcement authorities, only to federal officials. Plus, as noted in the report, many federal employees face intimidation on such a regular basis that they stopped bothering to report it — it’s become that commonplace.

This is unacceptable. Our fellow Nevadans and their counterparts in other states are paying real consequences for the toxic anti-government sentiment that gave rise to dangerous sovereign citizen groups and has been embraced by the extremist right.

It’s a problem exemplified by the terroristic activities of extremists like Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his followers, but they’re not the only ones to blame. Leaders at every level have backed them, emboldening them to prey on government workers who are carrying out their duties to safeguard public lands and the environment.

They’re people like former Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., who referred to the Bundys and their heavily armed militia supporters as “patriots” during the standoff known as the Battle of Bunkerville. Another example came from Michele Fiore, then a Nevada Assemblywoman, who referred to the BLM as “a bureaucratic agency of, basically, terrorism” and once said it was OK to point a firearm at a law enforcement officer if that officer pointed a gun first. Fiore is now a Las Vegas city councilwoman.

There are many more examples of support for those who would victimize federal authorities, all the way up to the White House. There, President Donald Trump sent a disturbing message when he pardoned two men whose convictions on arson charges triggered the Bundys’ six-week takeover of Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in 2016.

Trump sent another message by appointing William Perry Pendley, a self-described Sagebrush Rebel, to direct the BLM.

Let’s be perfectly clear: These sovereign citizen types are not patriots, they’re insurrectionists and thugs who defy the law and put good people in grave danger. Remember, the Bunkerville standoff came perilously close to ending in a gun battle in which untold number of law enforcement officers would have been injured or killed. The Malheur occupation resulted in gunfire and the death of a Bundy supporter at the hands of authorities.

This is the kind of radicalism that federal employees are facing day in and day out, on the job and off.

One former high-ranking BLM administrator described to The Washington Post how he had installed higher office counters after one upset man jumped over one. The administrator also purchased more video cameras and provided employees with lanyards fitted with panic buttons they could trigger when threatened.

To beef up protection, the GAO recommended that the agencies conduct facility security assessments. Those assessments should be completed as quickly as possible.

It’s a sad sign of the times that this doesn’t go without saying, but federal employees deserve to feel secure in their jobs. They’re upstanding citizens — our friends and neighbors, members of our faith congregations, parents of our children’s schoolmates, volunteers in our community service groups, etc.

Now, they need us to have their backs. We can do that by supporting them in their work, opposing leaders who foment anti-government extremism and reporting any such activity.

Read the educational news that government employees have to work 9 hours instead of 8 hours
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