Hello friends I welcome to my blog.I came up with an article for you all. Information about the structure of the examination method is given in standard 1 and standard 2.In Gujarat, the education work is done according to the Pragya approach in Std. That's all you know. Now periodical evaluation tests are also conducted in standard 1 and 2. Has been held. In addition, exam time is currently running in primary schools. Examinations are also being conducted in Std. 3 to 8.The exam is underway.Every child is well prepared and taking the exam. Now during the exam time teachers are also working on creating results. In Gujarat, paper scrutiny is done by teachers from outside schools. External evaluation is done. So that the result shows neutrality. Now we need to create the result sheets.Every school teacher needs to get results rolls. So this article is very useful for these teachers.
     This article gives you information about the exam. Provided information about the result sheet.
Now let's talk about what the teacher needs. The result sheet has to be prepared for the children in the school. Many teachers are faced with the need to roll out results. So friends are posting results in this post in Excel. Which you can use directly in your school. In addition, if the font of the file does not open, it is also provided You can also download terafont from here. In addition, PDFs of Standard 1 and Standard 2 result leaflets have also been provided which you can download.
Friends In this blog you will be given a daily article and a pdf related to education. Apart from this, an educational news article and a PDF or image are provided. Which you regularly download and use in your school.

CRC co-ordinator is recruited in primary schools of Gujarat. This recruitment is done through Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. The first ad is released. Then a written exam is held. The exam is held in Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar. The result is then given. After this result, the District Wise CRC Recruitment Merit is ready. The CRC is appointed on the basis of this merit. The CRC has teachers and education assistants from that district. They can take the exam.

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Often as a CRC he is the teacher of the taluka. Who have come in merit to give the exam. This is how the CRC is appointed. Other friends who are on contract are also appointed as CRCs. Their academic qualifications are determined. They also take the exam once the academic qualification is decided. And then they are appointed.