Niradhar Vidhava Mahilao Mate Punha Sthapan Arthik Sahay Yojana Full Details In Gujarati-
Dependent Widow Women Who Have No Support Widow Rehabilitation Financial Assistance Scheme Eligible beneficiary widows who do not receive widow assistance can apply for assistance at any time. Under this scheme, the application was to be made within 2 years after the death of the husband.
The state government has changed it by simplifying it. Accordingly, the beneficiary widow will be able to apply for free from the concerned Taluka Mamlatdar, provincial officer and collector's office free of cost.Under the scheme of financial assistance for the rehabilitation of destitute widows belonging to the Social Security Department of the State Government, the government has accelerated the self-employment by providing self-employment training to the beneficiaries of the age group of 18 to 40 years.

Niradhar Vidhava Mahilao Mate Punha Sthapan Arthik Sahay Yojana.A widow of 18 years of age who is a resident of Gujarat, whose offspring is not more than 21 years old and if the older son has more than 75% handicapped or unstable brains, then the widow can benefit from the help. Rural applicant's annual income is Rs 27,000 and city applicant's annual income is not more than Rs.35000. With this, a limit of 2 children is deposited in the beneficiary's savings account for Rs 100 per child per month.

Under the Widow Rehabilitation Financial Assistance Scheme, the beneficiary is given self-employment training and the instrument is restored within the limit of Rs. This life support is payable to the beneficiary's grandson at the age of 21 or higher than regular annual income and is discontinued due to reinvestment. Among the beneficiaries of this scheme, efforts will be made by the District Social Security Officer to reunite women who want to reunite.

Niradhar Vidhava Mahilao Mate Punha Sthapan Arthik Sahay Yojana Full Details In Gujarati-
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Niradhar Vidhava Mahilao Mate Punha Sthapan Arthik Sahay Yojana..The beneficiaries of Widow Assistance Scheme are given an insurance cover of Rs. Under the Accident Group Insurance Scheme, the beneficiary is also entitled to benefit from accidental death or permanent disability. The accident group has to contact the District Social Security Officer's office to avail benefits under the scheme. The beneficiary can contact the Social Security Officer's office at Apanabazar, Lal Darwaja at Ahmedabad. This office can also be contacted for short-term self-employment training.