New Calendar 2020 & Puanchang 2020 
Indian 2020 Hindi Calendar, Marathi Calendar, Gujarati Calendar, Kannada Calendar, Punjabi Calendar, Odia Calendar, Tamil Calendar, Telugu Calendar, Malayalam Calendar and Bengali Calendar bundle with same multi language and regional Calendar & Weather App presented by iExamCenter.

You can get 2020 different regional festivals, complete day info, horoscope ( rasi phala) , muhurta, list of govt and state holidays, list of international awareness / remembrance day,Today's history,birthday,death day, anniversary of well known profile and much more.
Can anyone ignore to have a calendar at home or office. The answer is definitely going to be "No". But what about when you are in a way or in travelling.

Don't you think a Digital Calendar which can provide you all the Basic and Important Information inside your smart phone is highly required to plan the things accordingly.
Here is a "Multi Indian Language Infinite Calendar" with many fascinating and interesting features.
We believe a calendar is more than just a list of dates and events. This application will provide you several useful information on your finger tips. It has an elegant, easy to use interface from where you can organize your life.

The "Day Information" provides you Sun-Rise & Sun-Set timings along-with 30 "Muhurtas (moment)" for the particular date. Along-with the Day information you can check for any important Birth Anniversary and death Anniversary as well. Who have got married on which date can also be tracked with the help of this. Well, Divorce is a bad luck but this application also gives you information about Divorce Date of known and famous people.

Our history is our pride. With the help of this application you can find out various Historical Events. We have also introduced daily Rishi-Phal(Horoscope). If you feel that you should know what your Rashi says for the day, here it is just a click away.

Like each day has a color and smell, this Application has its own utility and attraction. This calendar provide you all the necessary Festivals region-wise. As Punjabi language gives you a festival list popular in Punjab, Gujarati language gives all important Gujarati Festivals list. Like wise Marathi, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam,Bengali and Odia calendar provides all corresponding festivals and other details. "Weather" tabs gives you all information related to weather forecast. You may select Location and check weather for 15 days in advance. Various Prayers & Mantras are one of the unique feather of this Application. Holidays list is also a part of this useful application.
Another very unique feature is that the "Multi Language Infinite Calendar Application automatically fetch your local android calendar entries and if you are adding any new Event or entry into the app and double clicked that particular entry, it will automatically open your local calendar and will be visible there. Its your choice than whether you want to add the Event in your local calendar or not.

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