Life Insurance Corporation of India is one of the schemes that can get double benefits by investing.
Indian Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) has one such plan, where you will get double benefits by investing and savings of income tax. LIC Life Insurance Plan is a non-linked savings and investment plan. The person who took this insurance included a major cover rider at the time of the accident and at the time of sickness. This plan of LIC is a single premium endowment plan, in which a single premium gives a 10-fold cover. This insurance also gets bonus after maturity. Learn about LIC's plans
Specialty - The specialty of this plan is that the plan becomes maturity for 12 years, after 12 years, the sum assured will be returned. This plan can take from a child of at least 6 years to 47 years old.

Minimum sum - Basic Sum Assured of this insurance is Rs. 75,000. The amount of insurance premium depends on the age of the policy holder. If the policyholder dies before the maturity of the policy, then a single premium will get 10 times the cover.Income tax benefit - Under 80C, this policy benefits the Income Tax. This insurance will also benefit in income tax with investment.

Invest in this plan of LIC, get doublebenefits

Return - If a 25-year-old person takes a sum of Rs 75,000, then the single premiere will be Rs 41,242. Interest earned after 12 years of maturity will be 4 to 8%. The insurance amount will be Rs 75 thousand and Rs 79,875 respectively.