By 2020, the salary of all teachers will be online, the burden of the head teacher will be low
Shixako na pagar online karva nage mahatvana SAMACHARNiche aapela Source News mujab 2020 thi pagar online thase.The administration of all government and grant schools in the state has been in the process of doing online for the past several years, the sources said, adding that the work is currently being reached in the last phase. So that from January 1st, 2020, the salaries of teachers of all the schools of the state will also be made online. Sources for the service book of teachers have also been made online. This will reduce the burden of the headmaster of the school as all the activities will be done online in the coming days and it will be compulsory for the students to get academic work done by these head teachers.

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Teachers' salaries and service books were prepared manually.
Because of this, only the head teachers of the school and one other teacher were busy in the operation. Because of this, these teachers could not teach the students. So the education department decided to do all these administrative tasks online. In which the important proof of the teacher is considered the service book, whatever online process is currently underway. For which a command and control room has been set up at Gandhinagar. The details of all the teachers in the state are being collected through this control room. So after these details came up, the Education Department has been considering to pay teachers salaries online from January 1st.

After this process, most of the teachers' documents will fall into one formula. So that the details of the teacher promotion can also be found directly online. As a result, teachers from the district education officer and the district primary education officer were forced to break even in the office, education department sources said. Apart from this, getting direct details of the amount available at the time of retirement will also end the problem of teachers.

By 2020, the salary of all teachers will be online, the burden of the head teacher will be low 
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