3795 crore gift to the farmers of the government, every farmer in Gujarat will get this amount of Rs.Gujarat Chief Minister Smt. Anandiben Patel today with a view to give fair prices to the productions of all crops, including cotton, has taken a decision to give an aid-package worth of Rs 1100-Crore to favour the farmers of Gujarat.

The package includes:
The short-term loans taken by the Gujarat’s farmers against this year’s crops from the district cooperative banks and/or nationalized banks, which are estimated to be around Rs. 21,000-crore. Theinterest on these loans is estimated at Rs 1100-crore. Of this, 50% interest amount would be paid by the state government to these banks as an aid to the farmers. This important decision was taken by the state government with a view to favour the farmers. This aid amount is estimated at around Rs 600-crore.

Gujarat’s farmers have taken electricity connections for their tube-wells for irrigation. For these electricity connections Gujarat Government is paying Rs 4000-Crore to electricity companies as the subsidy to the farmers, who are paying bill amount of nearly Rs 900-Crore only. But this year, for giving 50% subsidy to the electricity billings of the farmers, amounting to Rs 500-Crore would be paid to the electricity companies by the Gujarat Government.

This year, the Gujarat Government is organizing state-wide ‘Ravi KrushiMahotsav’. In this, the farmers would be given aids worth of Rs 700-Crore through various means. Besides state government’s assistances, the centers open by the Cotton Corporation of India (CCI), a unit of The Government India, for purchasing of the cotton at the supportive price would remain operational in the Gujarat. And if needed, more such centers would be opened.

Gujarat Chief Minister has cleared the proposals for these two aid-packages, in-total amounting to Rs 1100-crore. Smt. Patel has further stated that Gujarat’s farmers would continue to work harder and would produce maximum farm productions with the help from Gujarat Government, thus, making personal growth along with the rise in the farm productions of the state.

In the wake of heavy rains in Gujarat this year, most of the farmers of the state have been harmed by the crop. In which Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel increased the package of 700 crore and announced a package of 3795 crore.