2010 Pachhi na Shixako ne Sarkar dvara 4200 gred Babate thato hala hal Anyay
Health Insurance:
It is a type of insurance in which if you have some sudden issues with your help the company will help out the expenditure for treatment for example government has also launched the health policy called Ayushman Bharat in which if something happens to a person like cardiac attack or anything the government provides the insurance to the person for the expenditure of the operation.

Travel Insurance:
It is a type of policy in which if you have met an accident or any injury during travelling the company can solves it and insurance is broken. It is a type in which from beginning to the end of the travel period the company takes care of it is something happens to you in different companies regulations and rules are different.

Crop Insurance:
This type of insurance if there is any loss in the plantation or anything happens like fire catch, any disease to the crops that the company provides the insurance but moreover there is not much awareness about in because you something like this happens they serve with other neighbouring field also and then they provide the insurance.

Business liability Insurance:
This type of insurance if anything happens to the company of production loss or any loan problem then the the company deals with all the expenditure of the business.

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