WorkPlace By Facebook | Whats Is Workplace?
There’s been a lot of talk about what a paid version of Facebook might look like and how it would affect the marketing landscape in the future.

We can get a glimpse of that by taking a look at Workplace by Facebook.Workplace is Facebook’s version of an internal collaboration tool, like Slack or HipChat. Businesses pay on a per-user basis to set up their own private instance of Facebook for their teams.

With Workplace you’ll not only see internal communication and collaboration improve, we’ve found that it is a great tool for brainstorming, mining information, and amplifying the overall reach of content you create.

In this post, we’ll dive into the different features that Workplace by Facebook provides and talk about how they can help marketing teams of any size improve!

Using an interface we’re all familiar with, Facebook is helping companies create their own internal social networks.

Employees have the ability to video chat, post, comment, and create groups with their fellow team members to discuss issues related to the business.

Companies like Starbucks, Campbell’s (the soup company), and Hootsuite are using Workplace to help their respective teams communicate with one another around the world!

What Is Workplace by Facebook?
Workplace by Facebook is a collaboration and communication tool that connects employees to one another via an internal social network.

Companies pay by the user to set up a private version of Facebook for their employees. With the ability to manage how groups are created, companies can create a network that is tailored to their specific needs.

Workplace is available at two levels: Premium and Standard.
Premium provides access to integrations and other enterprise-level features including single sign-on, APIs, and IT monitoring tools; the free Standard level doesn’t have many of those customization features, but comes with productivity features like a mobile app, video chat, instant messaging, unlimited file storage space, desktop notifications (Windows only), and integration with file storage services like Google Drive lacks .

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