Lander record successfully de-orbited a second time, now only 35 km away from the moon
Lander record of Chandrayaan-2 will land at the South Pole of the Moon at 1.55 pm on the night of September 7.On the morning of September 7, between 5.30 and 6.30 pm, the Pragyan Rover will be off the record

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully de-orbited Chandrayaan-2’s record lander for the second and last time at 3.42am on Wednesday. That is, it has now reached its final orbit at the southern pole of the moon. The record will land here on the moon on September 7. It is now 35 km away from the moon.

“With this operation, we have achieved the right level to land on Vikram’s moon. Orbiter and lander are functioning properly,” said Esro.

On Monday, the record was separated from Lander Chandrayan-2. It was then de-orbited for the first time on Tuesday. It was then orbiting the orbit for approximately 20 hours. Following the de-orbit, the record is moving in the upward direction. At that time, it was leaving the orbiter’s orbit and heading towards the south pole of the moon. After de-orbiting for the second time, it will now land on the moon directly in the upward direction of the record.

The record will land at the southern pole of the moon at 1.55 pm on September 7. Then between 5.30am and 6.30pm on the morning of September 7, the Pragyan Rover will be off the record. From here, Pragya will go on for her mission for a Lunar Day.

Lander will land on the moon at 1.40pm during September 6-7. The process will take approximately 15 minutes. The rover will depart at 3.55am two hours after landing. The rover’s solar panel will open at 5.05am. At 5.55pm

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