Reliance Jio has launched In-App Digital Assistant Jio Saarthi for users. Geo charioteer is designed to make the process of digital recharges easier. Reliance Jio has integrated the assistant into the MyJio App, which will simplify the user's digital recharging process. Geo's purpose is to boost the online recharging process through the app. Also, for users who have not yet recharged online, they have to simplify the process of digital recharges with the help of Assistant. Let us now provide detailed information about the Geo Choreli Assistant of Reliance Geo.

What is Jio Saarthi?
Geo charioteer will provide step-by-step information during the recharging process to the assist user. The Assistant will also provide information on where to enter information about payment details like credit or debit card etc. Initially Geo Chariotee Assistant will be available for English and Hindi only. Reliance Jio will later release it for 12 regional languages ​​also. However, this feature is not available in the My Geo app to access anymore.

Use of Jio Saarthi
Hopefully before the end of the day, Geo Chariotee Assistant will be available for use in the Myageo app. To use this new feature, the latest version of the Myageo app should be installed in the user's phone.As soon as the user clicks on the recharge button,the assistant will appear in the app as a floating icon.

To get voice-based directions, the user has to click on the icon. During the Recharge process, Geo Chariotee Assistant will guide you as well as help you choose suitable Recharge plan and then you can pay for the chosen plan. This will provide you with important information such as to locate payment details and where to register credit or debit card number so that you do not have any kind of trouble.