Uchchtar Pagar Dhoran Ni chakasani ange Gujarat Rajya Prathmik shikshak sangh ne Rajuaat
je shikshako ne 2014 , 2015 ke tyar pachhi uchchtar pagar dhoran malvapatra thay chhe ane vahivati karnosar mali shakyu nathi temna mate rajuaat.
However, getting in Facebook users’ News Feeds isn’t so easy anymore.
Here are some facts showing it:

About 60 million businesses have Facebook Pages
1500 stories may appear on one user’s News Feed after log-in.
87% of these stories go unanswered.
Businesses reach only 2% organic traffic from the post.
Since 2015, businesses witnessed up to 42% decline in their organic reach.
With the rapidly increasing competition, ads will only get more expensive. In turn, making a good ROI off ads will just get more difficult. The most obvious solution to get around this problem is to have better organic reach.
So, as an owner of a Facebook Page, what can you do to make sure that your page posts garner the best organic reach as possible?
Here are 20 ways to increase your Facebook posts’ organic reach.
1. Promote stuff other than your products and services.