10% Reservation For EWS New Update Resolution, Know Details
             After entering the 10% reservation for the EWS (Economically Backward Class) for the economically weaker sections of the Central Government, non-reservation classes face many challenges in obtaining a gender certificate. Revenue and Panchayat officials The Social Justice 
            Empowerment Department did not give the certificate of EWS if you did not have a cast of 78 non-reservation castes declared in January 2019. Due to this, the department has ordered that the castes not be SC, ST, SCBC and they are entitled to take advantage of the new revised resolution on Wednesday, to give EWS certificate to the people who are eligible for this.
The list of 78 castes is not final
             Apart from this, the list of 78 castes declared for non-reservation classes is not final. The list has been made for simplicity and also the competent authorities have asked the public service centers to remove the EWS certification in the prescribed time limit, which is mentioned in the amendment.

At the time of new admission, including medical, work will take place
           Gujarat government has included 146 communities in SCBC. Among the 106 castes in the OBC list of the Government of India, there are some SCBC castes of Gujarat. Hence, in the resolution the EWS certification has been given to the center for recruitment of the communities which have SCBC, and to avail 10% reservation for admission in the state. UPSC in Delhi, the youth preparing GPSC in the state did not get EWS certificates for 10% reservation in Gujarat.
            At the time of new admission, including medical from June to July, the resolution for giving handwritten (manual) certificates to the people not available to the administration is not correct in the online system.

Who can get EWS certification?
1. Those who come in the EWS category (poor)
2. The annual income of the families of those families is less than 8 lakh rupees.
3. The farmers who have land less than 5 hectares.
4. Have a house with less land than 100 square feet.
5. There is a small residential plot of 109 yards in the city (municipality)
6. There is a small plot of 209 yards in the village or small town (municipality area)

10% Reservation For EWS New Update Resolution, Know Details