Vijaya Bank Cancellation Notice regarding Recruitment of Peons and Part Time Sweepers - 2019
Vijaya Bank has published Cancellation Notice Regarding Recruitment of Peons and Part Time Sweepers 2019, Check below for more details. 

This has reference to the recruitment of peons and PTS (1/3 wage scale) vide the following: 
(i) Recruitment Notification no. 01/2019 dated 07/03/2019 
(ii) Recruitment Notification 02/2019 dated 07/03/2019 
(iii) Recruitment circulated vide Head Office Circular no. 19029 & 19030, both dated 23.01.2019 of erstwhile Vijaya Bank 
      Attention is invited to clause 13(d) of recruitment notification 01/2019 read with clause no. 13 (e) of recruitment notification 02/2019 wherein it is specifically stated that the Bank is having absolute right to stall/ cancel at any stage the selection process at its discretion, which will be final and binding on the candidate. Similar clause is provided for recruitment circulated vide Head office Circular no. 19029 & 19030 of erstwhile Vijaya Bank. 
By invoking the said clauses, it is notified for information of all concerned that the recruitment process as mentioned above stands CANCELLED. 
The application fees and intimation charges paid by the applicants if any is being refunded to the account from which payment was received by the Bank.

Cancellation Notification : Click Here