Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar Date 19-06-2019
Gujarat has a robust Infrastructure and is a pioneer in Public-Private Partnerships. It takes to its credit as ‘Asia’s Biggest’ Investment Infrastructure Opportunity Centre.’ Gujarat state has strategically developed a very efficient and cost-effective infrastructure that boosts states Urban and Industrial growth.Its a relentless quest for a larger image of Gujarat with all-round development is foreseen bearing fruits of success. As one of the youngest States of the Indian Federation, Gujarat’s track record has shown impressive Development which makes it a ‘Growth Engine of Gujarat.’
Formed in 1960, the State has predictably reached a sharp ‘Progress Chart’ on all fronts. With Vibrant Gujarat Summit MoUs signed to 12 Lac Crores in 2009, it has emerged as a leading Industrial State in the country within a short span of time. It evolves in an ‘Economy Domain’ primarily by ‘Investor’s Paradise’ with vast potential for growth in coming successive years.

        Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar Date 19-06-2019.Since 2003, the word ‘Vibrant’ has become associated with Gujarat enhancing the national and international reputation of the state. In spite of the economic slowdown, the two-day Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors’ Summit 2009, which concluded in Ahmedabad on January 13, attracted promised investments of over Rs. 12 lac. crores. More than 8,500 Memoranda of Understanding were signed between the State government and the intending investors. These have the potential to create over 25 lac. additional employment opportunities. While the last three editions of the ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ summit in 2003, 2005 and 2007 together received promises for the investment of over Rs 6.34 lac. crore, the 2009 summit alone had inked MoUs to invest 12 lac. crores.

               Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar Date 19-06-2019.Gujarat is located on the western coast of the Indian Peninsula. It has the longest coastline in the country of about 1600 km. Therefore, Gujarat plays host to foreign trade and is a natural ‘Gateway’ to the fast-growing economy. Conducive business environment, abundance of natural resources, skilled and semi-skilled manpower, proximity to markets, responsive administration are a few reasons why Gujarat has turned a ‘Leader.’ Steady implementation of structural reforms to make Gujarat shine with its ‘Vibrant Economy’ is steadfastly growing at 15% of Industrial Growth with 18% of Country’s Industrial Investment in Gujarat.

Government of Gujarat
Gujarat Rozgaar Samachar Date 19-06-2019
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