CM's announcement: Immigrating adults will get Rs. 60 will be paid
Three lakh people were evacuated after the impact of air. All will be allowed to go to their home after noon.The State Government has discharged all the arrangements because the gas is completely dissipated. Chief minister Vijay Rupani has announced that cashless payments will be given to three lakh people displaced due to the gas risk. Government adult person gets Rs. 60 and children Rs. 45 Cashless pay. The government will pay cash to the next 3 days.
CM Rupani made the final review of the situation in the control room this morning. We are free from disaster. The air is completely moving towards the west. The officers and ministers who call back are called in the afternoon. 3 lakhs of unplanned people will be sent back home.
CM Rupani said, "The government will pay 60 cashless days of the day for three days. Cash for 60 bucks for 45 adult for child will be sent. Electricity supply is normal in all villages excluding 144 villages out of 2000 villages. On the way to the road, the problem has become normal. By the evening the ST will become normal. "

He said, "Tomorrow school school will also be started. We have come out of a great calamity by the blessings of Somnath Dada, Kaliya Thakur and Harshad Mata. Gujarat government has got a lot of experience in preparing for the fight against calamity. In the future, as a result of other people's work, the entire exercise and the amount of education that has been received and the least harm has been found

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Vijay Rupani said that in this area, 199 sisters have been pregnant and have become pregnant. The system was concerned about small issues. In the yard, the grain did not fall apart, from the farming department to the child and the women welfare department was working.
CM's announcement: Immigrating adults will get Rs. 60 will be paid