Bin Talim Shixako 31-03-2019 suthi Talim lai leva babat no Paripatra.
Topics - Non-Technical Teachers Taking the training by 31/03/2019.
In the above subject and context, to provide free and compulsory education to the children, according to the provision made under the Act of 2009 - Amount - 232), the educational qualification fixed by non-trained teachers who do not have teachers, in five years from the date of implementation of the law. The scheduled training was to be obtained. In this regard, the Ministry of Human Resource Development According to the letter dated 03/08/2017, it has been said that in Section 26 (2), the correct procedure has been amended, according to which the non-teaching teachers currently performing the duty were extended by the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). 
        They Provision has been made to get fixed training by 31/03/2019. Education Department You have been informed by letter of 11/08/2017. As well as submitting the report to the Department of Human Resources, Central Government, in this regard, it has also been suggested to give priority to the toy. In this regard, the details of government primary school and private primary school information were sent to different forms. The letter Mail has also been made on 27/03/2019. So the reference to this matter is - In the prescribed form in the letter dated 27/03/2019, the information of government / granted / self-dependent schools is prepared in separate form. By 20/06/2019 Rubberu is instructed to send it indefinitely. Honor, according to the order of the Director.