Top 10 facts about India You don’t Know
Today we are going to talk about our country. Some facts about India that we have never heard before.
Hello friends, welcome to our Blog.  subscribe Now Our country’s culture is famous all over the world, but there are some secrets and unheard facts that are beyond your imagination.

Top 10 facts about India You don’t Know So let’s see:
1) India’s highest place- is the world’s highest. There was an era when India was famous for its fame all over the world, hence it was called the golden bird. However, now the condition has changed and even today our country does not count in the world’s richest countries but at the forefront of height. This place is better than nothing else but Siachen where both India and Pakistan declare their rights. Except for the best combat zone of the Earth, its height is 5700 meters from the ground level.

2) People who speak English Most people speak Hindi in India, but the number of English speakers here is also very high. After America, India is the only country in which 125 million people know English And can speak. This figure indicates that 10% of the world’s English speakers live in India.

3) Country of gold India is not called a country of gold. Do you know that women of India have so much gold that is even higher than the world’s bigger countries? It was found in a survey that 11 per cent of the world’s total gold was found with women of India. Combining world’s bigger countries such as the US, Switzerland, Germany and even the International Monetary Fund have all together India has more % of gold than these nations is considered to be auspicious for all to wear gold and it is also auspicious in our country.

4) India’s first rocket launch bicycle pay You must be surprised to know that the first rocket launch in India was in 1963 in a small village of Kerala in Thumba. The thing surprises is that the rocket was so light that it was transported to Thumba by bicycle This was a successful rocket launch of India Which took place in a church. The point of note is that according to the orders of ISRO Chairman Dr Sarabhai, this rocket was launched, but his team included our former President And Indian missile Dr Kalam.

5) The world’s longest sandstone cave Surprised to hear this? Do not panic It’s true that the world’s longest cave exists in India itself. Yes indeed,India is a land of expensive and rare things in the stable order in Meghalaya is considered to be the world’s longest sandstone cave. You will not be so sure that its length is about 24,000 meters, which is also the largest in Venezuela, which is considered to be the world’s tallest Cayuga del Samah You will also be surprised to hear that 9 of the 10 largest and deepest caves of India are found in Meghalaya only.

6) The world’s largest tree Yes, you have heard it perfectly, in Andhra Pradesh, there is a banyan tree that has made its place in the Guinness Book of World Records Are you surprised to hear this? but this is true. In the villages of Andhra Pradesh’s Thimmamma Marrimanu, there is a 550-year-old banyan tree with 1100 branches and this tree extends to 2. 1 hectares. It is the oldest and largest tree in the world which stands at the same place for more than 500 years.

7) Highest rainfall Place Don’t be afraid to hear it. Meghalaya gets the highest rainfall in India. It is known then everyone, but do you know which place of Meghalaya is it that gets rains? This place is named Mawsynram. It is said that there is so much rain that the workers wear raincoat covering the entire body. Here 467 Inches Rain is recorded every day, which is more than anywhere in the world

8) Magnetic Hill Ladakh is a dream of every Indian and many of you have also gone to Ladakh. But have you heard about the magnetic hill? Yes, this is a place in Ladakh, which can pull your paused car UP too. Magnetic Hill has now become a tourist destination where people now come to realize how much power there is in the magnetic field and how it can climb up with gravity?  This is one of the wonders and wonderful place of the world.

9) Shani Shingnapur Many people will hear about Shani Shingnapur because this is the most famous temple of Shani Bhagwan But do you know that there is no door outside of the house in any of these villages? Yes, this is a shocking thing but it is also true. The people here believe that their house can never be stolen and if it is done, a person will definitely get a curse to have from the Shani Bhagwan (Saturn God ). There is no police station in these villages.

10) Human-Computer All of you must have heard the name of Shakuntala Devi. She is known as Human Calculator because she was the first female mathematician who had done the product of two 13 digit numbers in Imperial College London in just 28 seconds. Shakuntala Devi is known as Human-Computer and her name is also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records he has written a lot of books and Shakuntala Devi’s name is not only famous in India but also in the whole world. We hope that you will love these facts of wonderful and unique Indian Comment your thoughts and opinions below. Do not forget to like and subscribe to our videos and channels. please also comment and tell your state.