Meghraj’s second strong start in Gujarat, heavy rain forecast from 8th May
In South Gujarat, on Saturday, the people of the Valsad and Dang districts again had a happy atmosphere. There were 5.32 inches of rain in Saputara, and water was flooded everywhere.More than 10 causeways and bridges were steeped in deep water when the river reached Ambadia at Dhadapur. More than 20 villages were uninterrupted. Yesterday, from 6 am to 2 pm, the average rainfall was 1.6 inches, Waghai 19 mm, Subir 12 mm rain. Valsad Kundra 4.26 inches, Dharampur 2.28, Pardi 1.16, Vapi and Valsad half-half inch in the rain.

8-9 heavy rain forecast
With this, the upper air cyclonic circulation has been active in UP, Punjab, Mid-West Bengal, Orissa, North Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and many areas of Bihar. This is due to the heavy rain forecast on 8 and 9 August.
On Saturday morning, including the Girimthak Saputara of Dang district, there was a scarcity of universal waterlogging in Ahwa, Shamgarh division. In the aftermath of the downpour in the catchment areas of the upasana areas, the drains, stoves and streams connecting these village villages were filled with incomplete water.

Tourists enjoying fun in Saputara
The tourists enjoyed the rainy season with heavy winds in the 8 hours from 6 am to 2 pm in Saputara. Many motorists living in white white oats of thick fog with hail storms in the suburbs along the Saputara area faced fierce problems.

District Collectors declared alert
In Valsad district, Meghraj was receiving an average of 2.2 inches of rain in the last 24 hours, after the second engagement took place for 12 days. Most of the Kamprada talukas received 5 inches of rain. Whereas in D. Haveli 2 in and Daman 1 in rain was received. Rainfall in Madhuban dams also resulted in the slowing of the rain, which yielded 16208 cusecs of water today. On the evening the dam’s surface was 73 meters. Because of which the administrative system ran. The district collector tweeted an alert for the low lying area.

Scattered rains in Navsari and Surat districts
In Navsari district there was little rain in the cloudy environment. In the Surat district, the Meghraj was spreading less on the whole day of Friday. Due to the meghargaon break in the catchment of the Ukai dam, the water in the dam has ceased and the surface has stabilized at 300.33 feet.