How To Create Mobile Website Shortcuts In Android Mobile.

You open several websites in the mobile. There will be many such sites that need to be opened every day. By typing the mobile browser repeatedly, typing the same URL does not seem to be quite a hassle? If the answer is yes, then we have come to the solution of your problem in the Tech-Special section of CCM Hindi.
How To Shortcuts Websites On Android Home Screen
How To Pin a Website to Android Stock Bros.

      Open the default browser and go to the webpage of your choice. After loading the page, click on the Ellipsis button and click Save to bookmarks:
After this there will be a display which will be called Bookmark this page. By default, all bookmarks are saved in the Bookmarks folder. This allows the browser to save any bookmarks on your home screen. For this, go to the drop-down menu and click on Add and select the Home screen:
Next, make a shortcut by clicking OK.
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This work can also be managed by the browser's Bookmarks Manager. For this, once you click the Ellipsis button, then go to Bookmarks and go to the Bookmarks Manager. Now press the bookmark of your choice and do not remove the hand from the screen until it comes to a menu plate open. When the menu plate comes, click on the Add Shortcut to home and click OK:
How To Pin a Website From Google Chrome
For this go to Chrome and go to More and click Add to Home screen:

A dialogue box will open which says: Add to Home screen. Then click Add and make a shortcut:
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