Google Launches New Feature Titled “Titan Security Key”, Highlighting What Is Known
The “Google” worldwide is always up-to-date with its innovative technology. Now the same way the company has launched a security key.

This security key, launched by Google, will be very helpful in avoiding cyber attacks online. However, currently this facility will be available for cloud retailers in the beginning and will be sold in a short time via Google Store.
Google has introduced the Vector of the Titan Security Key. One device will support Bluetooth and NFC and a USB port will be provided in the device which will be for a computer and a laptop.
According to the report, 85,000 Google employees have survived a phishing attack in 1 year due to the Google Official Security Key. Google Claude’s Product Management Director Jennifer Lee wrote in his blog post, “We have already been advocating the use of the security key for safety, “This can save you from cyber attacks via this”.

This device looks similar to a normal pen drive and is just like the two-step verification. You can buy this key online and the price starts at Rs 1500. You can use this security key, which is linked to the Security Key option in the account. You can also use it with Facebook as well.

For this, there will be two-step verification: –
-This is an extra security feature. There is a need for a PIN even before logging in to the account, not just the password. Only then can you access this key with any device.

This can be done using: –
-Guide Security Key has to be linked with your account. For example, if you have added a security key with Facebook, then after the ID and password you have to apply the Security Key to the computer. So even if someone knows your password, they can not open your account.
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